Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

Chasing Time on Thursday

Thursday last week, me, my brother and his girlfriend went to Antam to buy the precious metal to be used for their wedding dowries a few months away. we went to use the car, my brother is driving it. Antam is pulo yam. before we got there, we had the wrong way into industrial area. are there a lot of big truck and roads damaged enough. after finding the right way and find our Antam building straight in and was already closed rest. finally we take a queue number first and then we went to find lunch and come back at one o'clock. The number we had is 142. Oh my God did or not we can get that precious metal ?? :(

We chose to eat chicken soup near the hospital islam jakarta. there exist two buskers singing adele dont you remember. the voice is very nice exceed singers who are participating in television talent show :D after lunch we went back to Antam and there was very crowded with people who want to buy the precious metal as well. there arrived a new queue until the number 101. still a long way to reach the number 142. finally we decided to sit in the waiting room. kemuadian hour, got our number, but we could we run out of precious metals is 10 grams, which we want. This name has not sustenance :) we'll be back tomorrow early

Finally we rushed to kemang to enroll my sister anime drawing courses. in the way I use the time to complete lab reports and studying for the exam later. 5:30 pm I was actually there in the campus lab test e. was already late afternoon, the streets were crowded with vehicles began just got back from work. eventually jam could not be avoided anymore. my brother in the car panic can we arrive in depok until 5:30 pm?

Driving after speeding enough, we finally reached kemang 4 pm. place of course my little brother signed up about thirty minutes there. after we go straight into the car to head depok. At TB Simatupang jammed pretty badly and my brother finally decided to passing Cijantung in order that I did not late to take the exam because there in the estimate is not too bad.

Time getting closer to 5:30 pm, and the rain began to fall more and more panic. because usually when it rains the roads look bad because the vehicles run more slowly. I finally arrived at the campus promptly at 5:30 and immediately ran to the 4th floor and thankfully the test was about to begin. so I'm not too late and can take the exam at that time: D
I am feeling very relieved

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